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Video Copilot AK Chinese subtitles plugin tutorial material collection VideoCopilot All Collections

Collect the share Video Copilot material, plug-ins and tutorials, tutorials all thanks AK to provide us, from entry to senior! If you are able, please support genuine material resources.

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Source material:

Video Copilot MotionPulse BlackBox + Shockwave shock sound library 5.2G (SkyDrive BT+)

Action Movie Essentials first set Video Copilot Action special material Movie Essentials

Action Movie Essentials effects material second sets of Video Essentials 2 720P+2K Copilot Action

The dynamic elements of the video material Video Copilot - Riot Gear

Video Copilot cloud video material - Real Clouds

Video Copilot dynamic background material - Video Streams HD

AK produced Video Copilot Sound sound material - Designer FX

Vine arrow video material Video Copilot - Evolution

The 50 film Video Copilot Film Magic Pro default palette

Video Copilot Particle real shot particle material of Stock Footage & Tutorial

E3D Video Copilot BackLight HD HDRI default: 8K Environments & Light Maps

AK E3D 3D Video Copilot high tech industrial model package motion design V2 - hight-tech & Industrial 3D models Win/Mac

Star Wars Lightsaber robot model Video Copilot Star spacecraft E3D Pack Model Pack!

Plug-in unit:

Video Copilot Optical Flares lens flare plug Bundle 1.3.5Win/Mac containing Chinese subtitles tutorial

Video Copilot Optical Flares for Nuke 7&8 Win cracked version

Video Copilot - Element 3D 1.6.2 Win/Mac

AK E3D Video Copilot Element 3D v2.2.2.2160 plugin CS5-CC 2018 Win/Mac version

E3D V2 Video Copilot Pro Shaders package material - 2 For Element 3D V2 (Win/Mac)

Video Copilot - Element 3D Packs model package collection - Update

Video Copilot Twitch CS4-CC Win/Mac x86/x64

AE Sure Target 2 Win/Mac camera target tracking

The reflection of rapid production of plug-in VC Reflect

AK Video Copilot Color Vibrance Win/Mac+ coloring plug-in tutorial

AK energy disturbances deformation plug-in Win/Mac cracked version of Video Copilot Heat Distortion

AK energy sword light effect effects Video Copilot Saber 1.0.39 stroke Win/Mac + tutorial (update)

AK Video Copilot AE Glass Eyes 1.0.6 glass eye plug-in CS5-CC2015 Win/Mac

Video Copilot AK FXConsole Win/Mac + specific console plug-in tutorial.

VideoCopilot AE ORB CS6-CC2018 Win/Mac 3D planet plug-in tutorial + + 6K earth mapping


1-169 series of tutorials, part Chinese subtitles (continuously updated)

Copilot - The bullet time tutorial Video Bullet: Matchmove a CG bullet into Live Action

Video Copilot Pro Scores Chinese subtitles tutorial

Chinese subtitle AE classic tutorial Video Copilot Basic Training

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