AE/Premiere/Vegas/FCPX Twixtor upgraded the high speed slow plug-in RevisionFX Twixtor Pro CS5-CC2019 Win/Mac


AE/Premiere/Vegas/ Da Vinci Twixtor upgraded the high speed slow motion Twixtor Pro CS5-CC2019 Win/Mac RevisionFX plugin

This plugin:

  • Get super slow motion effect can change the frame rate, the shooting object details more realistic, in the scenery photography, shooting very commonly used motion plug-ins, support the Win/Mac platform, AE/Premiere/FCPX/Vegas and other software, the official website of the synchronous update to the latest version

Version requirements:

  • The Win/Mac platform can be used, English original plug-in
  • Support AE/Premiere CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2015.3/CC 2017/CC2018/CC2019 , V7.0.3 version, Win/Mac can
  • OFX version, support Vegas/HitFilm/Natron , V6.2.7 version, Win/Mac can
  • FCPX Version, v7.0 version

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