Red giant AE Red Giant Trapcode plug-in package particle Suite 14.1.4 (including CC2014-CC2019 Win/Mac Particular serial number) 3/Form 3/Tao/Mir/3D Stroke

 Trapcode Suite 14

Red giant AE Red Giant Trapcode plug-in package particle Suite 14.1.4 (including CC2014-CC2019 Win/Mac Particular serial number) 3/Form 3/Tao/Mir/3D Stroke

Red Star Red Giant a total of 5 sets, respectively Color Suite, Shooter Suite, Trapcode Suite, Keying Suite, Effects Suite.

Trapcode Suite 14 particle package contains the following plug-ins, support to the AE/Premiere CC2014/CC2015/CC 2017/CC 2018/CC2019:

  • Trapcode Particular 3 AE particles
  • Trapcode Tao 1.2 3D animation path
  • Trapcode 3D Stroke 2.6.11 stroke 3D plugin
  • Trapcode Echospace 1.1.4 three-dimensional hangover plugin
  • Trapcode Form 3 Three-dimensional particles
  • Trapcode Horizon 1.15 infinite scene (SKY) plugin
  • Trapcode Lux 1.4 plug-in spotlight
  • Trapcode Mir 2.1.1 3D graphics plugin
  • Trapcode Shine 2.0.4 light plugin
  • Trapcode Sound Keys 1.4 audio key frame plug-in
  • Trapcode Starglow 1.7 starlight plugin

Installation steps:

  • When the installation options need to install the plug-in, recommended installation, installation of the final Enter Licensing click on the blue Info, enter the serial number, Submit, close window, click on the Close can be completed
  • Serial number: TCBK2245868172939255

This update is mainly Particular ( Download Particular 3 new features introduced the tutorial 22 minutes) and Form (upgrade to version 3 Download Form 3 new features introduced tutorial 20 minutes)

(Particular 3 video)
(Form 3 video)

Registration failed The red giant that registered service does not appear to be running could not complete serial code registration.;

  • Don't close the pipe, open the AE with the plug-in, enter the serial number registered in the effect panel.

Download serial number      Win Download       Mac Download

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  1. ZHUOWEN Say:

    Trapcode Mir
    Trapcode Tao
    How open error

  2. Sunshine always comes after the rain Say:

    Hello! This set of plug-ins in many open, what is the reason for this error

  3. Flower Say:

    Trapcode Mir
    Trapcode Tao
    The two plug-in open error, the graphics driver has updated, or not.

  4. Edge uncle sound Say:

    How can the Chinese localization

  5. Say:

    When the installation of Trapcode Suite Installer.exe to stop working is why?

  6. Silver is blue Say:

    Serial number of failure!

  7. Kiss2110000 Say:

    The use of the Thank you for sequence purchasing Trapcode Particular. all trial limitaions have been removed how to solve ah?

  8. Malovelee Say:

    Want to know why now red giant plug-ins were only obtained one or two registration code, rather than RI ~ if the same LAN has multiple machines use the same registration code, it will prompt the conflict with the red fork collapse ~ ~ really

  9. Hug Say:

    Hello, this is my Mac system, and then click the installation file is wrong, wrong is the this installer s product packages could not be 'verified., what is the reason for it

  10. Scyt700 Say:

    Hello, I am here before AE and the plugin, then uninstall the AE, has recently been re installed AE plug-ins and plug-ins, but prompt using the same serial number, with the red cross. How do ah

    • A number of GFXCamp dental caries Say:

      There are other computer in the LAN with a serial number of conflicts, broken network or firewall software to prevent the red giant network

      • Hanxiaokuang Say:

        For God, in win and MAC which program should stop networking? I in the two systems are used by the red giant link firewall system and AE two networking program, but there is still a red fork

      • Wireless spectrum Say:

        That I used my project on the web server is NAS, can not use the broken network engineering, how to deal with? Try to use windos firewall, can prevent software networking, is not feasible, but also tried to stop the 360, it is not feasible. Hurry, 3 computer with the same plug-in, must change the version installed?

  11. DeadHero Say:

    Can not be finished?

  12. I will always love you Say:

    As long as the Trapcode failed to install how ah

  13. Gyato Say:

    Bahrain prompted the need to open the AE migration in the control window effect. How to get. For the webmaster advice. Very anxious. Thank you

  14. DeadHero Say:

    An error prevented the install from completing.The installation log has been written to the Red Giant logs directory in ProgramData. to install this pop-up?

  15. Sharon Say:

    Do not install ah, An error prevented the install out from completing.The installation log has been written to the Red Giant logs directory in ProgramData

  16. G_paris Say:

    ZEcc2017: what is the reason to efficiency tool Particular.axe. A lot of Baidu can not solve, thank you for

  17. However, Zhang Bo Say:

    When I installed after the break, showed a successful lincense, the picture is black
    Https:// v=vhbrGif_rec? Like this picture
    What do you do?

    • A number of GFXCamp dental caries Say:

      Don't understand, this tutorial is to teach you how to register this video, he has no problem ah, plug-ins are also normal

  18. Hayate Say:

    Hello, I installed smoothly, also installed all check, but open aecc2018 showed only RG Trapcode 3D shine, troke major, starglow three small, other form are not what is going on here

  19. DCM_ Say:

    Teacher hello. Directly after installation can not enter the serial number of the place?

  20. White Say:

    When installing an ANN with windows showed no response directly to me to close this is what