Sony a7s+FS700 movie video Luts (FCPX/ Da Vinci /AE/Premiere/PS) default palette


Sony a7s+FS700 movie video Luts (FCPX/ Da Vinci /AE/Premiere/PS) default palette

Dedicated to the 20 color LUTS Sony a7s and Sony SONY FS700 two camera production

  • Flat Taiwan: General Win/Mac
  • Application software: AE CS6 and above /FCPX/ Da Vinci /SpeedGrade/Nuke/Scratch/Premiere CC and above /PS CS6 and above all can be loaded by LUTs software
  • Method of use: Cube format, direct call, use method contains all software

What is the LUT?

The use of LUT can increase the gray color video, when the protection of the original color. In other words, if you add color curve directly to the video, that can not start, because it is very easy to picture color is overexposed or overflow. If your original pieces of good quality, adding directly LUT can reach great color, if you are the original film quality in general, add a LUT, protect color, if the effect is not satisfactory, can simply pull a S curve, the effect is very good

Different software calls the Luts method:

The relevant recommendation (all the elements are different):

  1. Movie video color Luts default DELUTS 1-4 collection (FCPX/ Da Vinci /AE/Premiere)
  2. Koji Studio+Advance Luts default AE/Premier/FCPX/ Da Vinci color plugin

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