Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 v20.0.2 Win/Mac Chinese / English / multi language version


Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 Win/Mac v20.0.2 Chinese / English / multi language version

As long as you want, you can use the Photoshop the world's best image and design application will you imagine the content produced. Create and enhance photos, illustrations and 3D. The design of websites and mobile applications. Video editing, simulation of real life paintings etc.. Here let your ideas into it all the necessary.

PS CC 2019 update official:

After improved design of filling content recognition
  • With the help of Adobe Sensei technology, you can select the pixels filled by the special work area new, can rotate, zoom and mirror images of the source pixel. You can also create fill in other layers, so as to preserve the original image.
After deformation tools improved
  • A more precise control of the deformation, get the look you want. The mesh to be custom and freeze in specific areas, and the use of multiple deformation effect.
Can be used for easy operation of the mask frame tool
  • Will change the shape or text box, you can use it as a placeholder or fill the image to which. If you want to easily replace the image, just another image and drop into the frame, the image will automatically zoom to fit the size of demand.
Multiple Undo
  • The use of CMD-Z to revoke the multi step operation, as in other Creative Cloud applications.
Usability improvements
  • Now you can hide the reference point, double-click the canvas edit text, and use automatic submission functions faster and more efficient cutting, conversion, and placed in the input text. In addition, Photoshop will default conversion according to the proportion of pixels and the text layer, so it is not easy to accidentally move sketchpad.
Real time mixed mode Preview
  • Do not have to guess what kind of mixed mode should be used. Simply scroll in between different options, you can see the effect on the image.
symmetric model
  • When drawing strokes can be completely symmetrical curve pattern, no problem. You can define one or more axes by symmetric mode, and then select the circular, X-ray, spiral and pattern from the types of Presupposition in datura.
The color wheel
  • The chromatographic visual display, convenient for users to more easily select complementary colors.
The main screen
  • Start using fast through the Photoshop main screen. Ready access to the main screen, in order to understand the new functions, access to learning content, and jump directly to the open document.
After improved application in learning
  • According to the tutorial, use your own resources to get the look you want in a shorter period of time.
Most customers want increased functionality
  • Grant whatever is requested。 Now you can assign the distance between the object and the input end of mathematical operators, a simple view in longer layer name fields to a numeric value, but also the use of fonts and font matching similarity function to find Japanese fonts.
UI brand preferences
  • Better control of Photoshop UI and the independent adjustment in the zoom, does not affect other applications, get just perfect name.
To enhance the "export" experience
  • "Export" menu will load faster, and to provide a simplified UI to facilitate the operation of the user. You can also preview a sketchpad.
And more
  • Include: Lorem Ipsum text mode can flip the document view, the canvas can be placed horizontally faster sample text, and apply to the "select and mask" workspace customizable keyboard shortcuts.

Break the update:

  • Update to version v20.0.2
  • MAC patch update to Zii 4.1.0

Install the wrong solution:

  1. Product Adobe Photoshop CC (win64) minimum OS version required: 10.00.15063
    • CC 2019 minimum required Windows 10 (64 bit) versions 1703 (Creative updated version), if you do not have to update the creative version, even if the update to the latest does not support (update Microsoft easy Shenglai)
  2. Similar to the following error: Unable to move files from C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Creative Cloud Experience\1 "to" C:\Program Cloud Experience ".Error:0x00000078 Creative Files\Adobe\Adobe
    • Restart the computer, shut down antivirus installed, run as Administrator
  3. Open PS, Loading has been loaded
    • Creative cloud ESC can cancel the cancellation of landing interface, the top menu editor - preferences - routine, uncheck the recently opened document interface window

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