PR CC 2019 new features introduced Pro CC 2019 New Features Premiere tutorial

 Premiere Pro CC 2019 New Features

PR CC 2019 new features introduced Pro CC 2019 New Features Premiere tutorial

Adobe CC 2019 series have been published, this tutorial to explain several features of the 2019 new PR CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC all functions of the 2019 new introduction as follows:

Mobile editing using the new Premiere Rush
  • Using our new, applicable to all equipment Premiere Rush to extend your video editing platform. Whether it is a mobile device or desktop device, can shoot, edit and publish video. If you want to perform more operations, can also be sent directly to Premiere Pro works.
Audio intelligent cleaning
  • Using the Essential Sound panel in the new noise reduction and DeReverb slider reduced immediately or removal of background noise or reverberation.
Color grading choice
  • The innovative Lumetri Color tools can be used to choose the color grading, the curve adjustment will no longer need to explore. The two axes of each curve are provided in pairs of values, can easily make accurate color tuning.
Map information dynamic graphics template data driven
  • The spreadsheet to drag and drop information map dynamic graphics template in the new generation of dynamic visual content. If any updates on the spreadsheet, chart information will be updated automatically.
End to end VR 180
  • Provide immersive video on the 180 VR support, including optimized collection and effect. In the YouTube platform with Google VR or other 180 format video release complete.
Space mark immersive media
  • You no longer need to remove the helmet viewing media in Adobe immersive environments, you can now place markers, as time to return to the desktop reference axis.
Adobe Stock enhancements
  • Directly in the basic graphic panel searching and sorting Adobe Stock film material and the professional design of dynamic graphics template.
The group invited for Team Projects
  • Invite the business mail list in the group and team members without having to type the address to achieve more efficient communication.
Display color management
  • From After Effects to Premiere Pro, and in rec709, rec202 and P3 display, accurate color presentation and maintain color fidelity in the whole working process.
Performance improvement
  • H264 and HEVC hardware encoding and decoding based on the performance of MacBook Pro workstation. Improvement of image processing can provide faster response speed playback, rendering and Lumetri Color performance.
Extended format support
  • To support the new native format, including the use of ARRI Alexa LF, Sony Venice and V2 iPhone 8 and iPhone X HEIF (HEIC) film format.
Creative Cloud Library Improvement
  • The Illustrator or Photoshop file resources such as drag and drop to CC in the library panel, you can quickly access Premiere sequence. Shared library with team members, or derived and stored in the project.
Australian captioning standard
  • Now provide captioning standard for Australia OP4T2 support.
Keyboard language support
  • Keyboard shortcut now supports the local language key layout menu.
Adobe immersive environment in Cinema mode
  • The use of virtual screening room with the director or producer for 2D content or immersive content (or a combination of the two) cooperation.


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