The AE template image to 3D space video rotation sliding animation (focal depth update to the V5 version)


The AE template image to 3D space video rotation sliding animation (focal depth update to the V5 version)

The update to the V5 version, increase function:

  • Add a script, easy to control, unlimited increase to the scene objects
  • The picture is more natural, no tear

You can convert static images into three-dimensional stereoscopic video animation effects, including The camera before and after the push and pull, focal depth custom change, fuzzy edge And many other effects, only need to draw a picture on the main mask mask can complete these effects, strongly recommended!

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V3 version of the update function increased:
  • You can make the water waves ripple effect, you can customize the number of ocean waves in height velocity


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V4 version of the update function increased:

  • Increase the dust dust particle system (can change the particle size, shape, number, color depth, speed, etc.)
  • Add text to the animation scene in Logo
  • For each layer by adding mask, so you can feel part of the picture which belongs to which the convenient processing layer
  • The layer binding system, can make their own style template

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  • The version: AE CS4 and above, suitable for Chinese / English version AE version
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 4K Or 1920 x 1080 can choose
  • : do not need to insert third-party plug-ins
  • Large small: compressed 568MB
  • Teaching procedure: 10 official English complete video tutorials, teach you how to use this template
  • The sound music: contains background music

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