The 3D garment design software Marvelous Designer 8 Enterprise Win cracked version

 Marvelous Designer 8

The 3D garment design software Marvelous Designer 8 Enterprise Win cracked version

Marvelous Designer focuses on the realistic 3D simulation and create clothing. With the simulation results Marvelous Designer powerful and intuitive user interface, your imagination will become a reality.

Marvelous Designer 8 new features:

Reset grid Remeshing (beta)

  • The automatic generation of Retopology according to the results of the grid plate

3D sewing

  • Intuitive sewing in 3D window.


  • Use the brush tool carving different clothing.

According to the UV 2D map extraction plate

  • Import 3D objects, can be directly extracted from the UV map 2D plate.

The automatic generation of point arrangement

  • According to the arrangement and arrangement of automatic generation version of virtual model grid length and girth.

Application of accessory weight

  • By adjusting the weight of the zipper and accessories, can reflect the degree of weight due to suspension.

Installation steps:

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