Ray tracing rendering software Luxion KeyShot Pro 8.024 Win/Mac cracked version

 Luxion KeyShot Pro 8

Ray tracing rendering software Luxion KeyShot Pro 8.024 Win/Mac cracked version

KeyShot The, which is called "The Key to Amazing Shots", is an interactive ray tracing and global light rendering program, which produces a photo realistic 3D render without complex settings.

Luxion HyperShot/KeyShot is developed based on LuxRender. At present, Luxion and Bunkspeed are separated from each other due to technical problems (because bunkspeed fails to pay for luxion's rendering of core rental charges), Luxion no longer authorizes Bunkspeed core technology, Bunkspeed can no longer sell Hypershot, will be sold by the Luxion company itself, and will change the product name to Keyshot, so all original users can be upgraded to free. Bunkspeed company's rendering core uses Mental Images Iray technology, Mental Images Iray is a company under nVidia, Bunkspeed re writes new programs based on the new core, and the name is also changed from Hypershot to Bunkspeed Bunkspeed.

Win version click download         Mac version click download

No need to make up after harmony.

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  1. HiYou Xiaoyu Say:

    At present, there is a bug that is not preserved properly, especially the patch of tpcrew. It can not save BIP format at all. The version released by GFXcamp can not save BIP format directly, but it will be saved as a temporary file of xx.bip.tmp1. It can also be used by renaming it, which is better than completely unable to save. (save KSP format is normal, but not as convenient as BiP format).

  2. Every moment of you Say:

    Anyway, thanks for sharing. Thank you.

  3. Nom Say:

    Why do I replace the keyshot file and open the activation page and install the software after installation. Reinstall several times or not?

  4. J05112002 Say:

    I can't solve it. I'm the Mac version.

  5. big lake Say:

    MAC version 2000 pixels or more pixels will die - ~ ~ ~ do not know what reason

  6. Vfloat Say:

    Mac can not read the LIC license file.

  7. European blue Say:

    Mac can not read the LIC license file.