Ray tracing rendering software Luxion KeyShot Pro 8.024 Win/Mac version

 Luxion KeyShot Pro 8

Ray tracing rendering software Luxion KeyShot Pro 8.024 Win/Mac version

It means "KeyShot The Key to Amazing Shots", is an interactive ray tracing and global light rendering procedures, without setting can produce complex 3D photo realistic image rendering.

Luxion HyperShot/KeyShot is based on the development of LuxRender. At present, Luxion and Bunkspeed due to technical problems (because bunkspeed failed to part company each going his own way to pay luxion rent, to render the core) Luxion is no longer authorized to Bunkspeed core technology, Bunkspeed can no longer sell Hypershot, later by Luxion's own sales, and change the product name is Keyshot, all the original Hypershot users can free upgrade to Keyshot. Bunkspeed Images rendering core using Mental Iray technology, Mental Images Iray is a company owned by nVidia Bunkspeed, again based on the new core of writing new programs, but also by the name Hypershot into Bunkspeed Shot.

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  1. HiYou Xiao Yu Say:

    At present, the existence of preservation of normal bug, especially the tpcrew patch cannot save the BIP format, this version of GFXcamp released although not directly stored in BIP format, but will be saved as a [xx.bip.tmp1] the temporary files, you can rename themselves, rather than completely unable to keep strong. (save KSP format is normal, but it is not convenient to BiP format)

  2. Each moment of your Say:

    Anyway, still very thanks for sharing, thank you

  3. Nom Say:

    Excuse me, why I replaced the keyshot file, open the page is activated after installation, and did not open the software. Reinstall several times or not

  4. J05112002 Say:

    For I can not break the Mac version

  5. big lake Say:

    MAC version of rendering more than 2000 pixels will crash ~ ~ ~ ~ do not know what the reason

  6. Vfloat Say:

    Mac cannot read LIC license file

  7. For Xuanlan - Europe Say:

    Mac cannot read LIC license file