A flat AE template -500 ICON icon MG animation + sound


A flat AE template -500 ICON icon MG animation + sound

A total of 500 icons of Icon animation, including 136 daily, 60 food, 52 sports health class, 42 transportation, 68 IT network technology, 41 science and technology entertainment, 85 companies, 16 social icon, Each icon animation is circular, the icon color can be custom modified, very simple, but also contains 226 small dynamic sound

  • The version: AE CS5 or higher version, support Chinese / English version AE version
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 HD
  • : do not need to insert the third party plug-in
  • Large small: 41M
  • Teach Cheng: no tutorial
  • The sound music: Contains the icon dynamic sound That does not include background music

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