Maya hardfacing grid modeling tool HardMesh 2.2 Maya 2017/2018 Win

 HardMesh Tools

Maya hardfacing grid modeling tool HardMesh 2.2 Maya 2017/2018 Win

HardMesh Autodesk MAYA is a plug-in, so you can directly use simple shapes to easily create complex hard surface models, you can edit the model shape in the interactive and creative work environment, and to the rapid interesting methods hitherto unknown, produced from concept to final product.

Maya "s Boolean or" trim like "operations on hard surface represent a significant modelling bottleneck in the workflow of any modeller.Hard Mesh solves professional this issue. It s a plug-in based" on script Hard Surface our Poly Tools and its development was completed.The tool simplifies complex polygonal modelling operations thanks to an intuitive interface and nodes that make modelling more creative and interactive!

Installation steps:

  1. Copy the corresponding version such as hardmesh_2.2.1_maya_2018_win to the root directory of C
  2. In the document \maya\2018, create a new folder modules
  3. Copy the folder inside the corresponding version of hmTools.mod document to \maya\2018\modules


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  1. Daddy Say:

    Thank you for sharing the owner, friends should pay attention to the 1.0.31 version only supports maya2015 and 2016, 2.2 version only supports maya2017 and 2018, 2016 can not support a pity

  2. Bother Say:

    Thank! This plugin is very good

  3. Taobocheng Say:

    Error: file: D:/maya2018/Maya2018/scripts/others/pluginWin.mel line / / 1209: could not find the object "PluginInfoWin|windowLyt". / /