The curve graph data chart table pie pie chart C4D preset


The curve graph data chart table pie pie chart C4D preset

  • This is the Cinema 4D default, other software can not be used, need to modify the parameters of rendering in C4D.
  • Contains a total of 45 icons form creative data display animation presets: state chart, pie chart, line graph information, information map of Pyramid
  • The two version contains static and pre static version of animation, you can modify the parameters, completely custom animations, pre animation version of the animation has been produced, directly modify the parameters, modify the parameters directly after rendering can be preserved
  • Avoid reflectance reflection channel problems, recommend the use of C4D R16 or higher version
  • .lib4d format, English version of presupposition, presupposition contains installation instructions, compressed package 139MB

The relevant recommendation (contains elements that are different):

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  2. AE template statistics UI flat form corporate information chart histogram display kit

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