TV ads - MOG214 The Anatomy structure analysis of FXPHD of a Promo

 FXPHD - MOG214 The Anatomy of a Promo

TV ads - MOG214 The FXPHD structure analysis of Anatomy of a Promo

Lattice type: MP4+ project file
Soft: Premiere After, Effects CC 2014, Final Cut
Resolution: 1440 x 900 HD
Language: English subtitle subtitles
Set number: 10 sets
Large small: 3.45G

Production process, on TV advertising clips, including the director, script, understand some principles and skills

This course looks at the Anatomy of the TV Promo and covers approaches to Directing, Editing, Scripting, as well as Art Direction and creating Graphical and Motion collateral for several live action promos. We break open the formulas and techniques for promos, and we take a look at several global campaign promos Mark has directed, scripted and cut for the BBC, and for the BBC s Australasian market where ", he is based.During the course we will give out material to cut your own promo. Additionally, the second half of the course looks at scripting, boarding and shooting a Zombie promo. We will also give out this footage for you to cut your own promo for a 60 second" Zombiefest "promo. The material will means we ll cover techniques across the" board in Premiere and After Effects, and Final Cut.


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