Digital Juice Animated Canvases 1-30 video background material collection

 Digital Juice Animated Canvases Collection

Digital Juice Animated Canvases Collection DJ background video material collection

The website contains all 37 material package, the total size of about 500G

Brief introduction:

"Animated Canvases Collection" series of material is produced by Digital Juice company DJ background animation video compilations, including many very beautiful dynamic video background material, divided into the SD and HD two sizes, worthy of collection!

"Animated Canvases Collection" series of material covering film post production needs of each category, you are making the film, art, thematic, packaging, advertising, film, wedding abstract, titles, essential LED large screen background material such as the best background material!

  1. MOV video, the direct use of software
  2. HD1920*1080, SD720*576 two video format
Material list (a total of 37 albums, the size is about 500+G):
  • Animated Canvases 1-30
  • Animated Canvases 4th Of July
  • Animated Canvases Christmas 01
  • Animated Canvases Christmas 02
  • Animated Canvases Heart Canvases
  • Animated Canvases Party & Celebration
  • Animated Canvases Spring & Summer
  • Animated Canvases Trellis Blooms

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