Mac FCPX Color Finale V1.9.2 professional grade color plug-in +ASCEND LUTs+ tutorial (Updated)


Mac FCPX Color Finale V1.9.2 professional grade color plug-in +ASCEND LUTs+ tutorial.


  • Update to V1.9.2, support to the new system and FCPX

This plugin:

  • Color Finale is a FCPX plugin palette, which mainly includes 5 functions: RGB curve, color wheel, hue and saturation, color LUT, HSL curve adjustment (default call added) etc.
  • Contains 6 official video tutorials, teach you the use of plug-in method and various color techniques
  • Install the crack, no crack is complicated, the installation is very simple to use

Version requirements:

  • The Mac FCPX plugin, Win users do not take,
  • FCPX 10.3 or higher
  • The Mac system of 10.13 or more systems

(note also contains low version):

  • FCPX (10.2) and Mac (before 10.10)
    You can use the Color version of Finale V1.0.23
  • Mac system (10.10-10.12) can use Color Finale V1.6.1 version

Contains the file:

  • Color Finale V1.9.2 Color Finale + V1.6.1 + Color Finale V1.0.23
  • BONUS 1:ASCEND LUTs, 53 color LUTS Color Finale preset, you can directly call the AE/Premiere/PS/ /SG can also be called Da Vinci
  • BONUS 2: a specific Color Finale use the default case tutorial examples, contains video material

File size:

  • The plug-in (8M) +6 official video tutorial (195M) +ASCEND LUTs (88M) + tutorial examples (693M)

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