FCPX Color Finale V1.0.18 senior grade color plug-in + tutorial


FCPX Color Finale V1.0.18 senior grade color plug-in + tutorial

FCPX professional color plug-ins, including color wheel, RGB curve, Lut loading and other grading toning, toning method

Professional color grading inside of Final Cut Pro X. Color Finale reshapes the end user experience inside FCP X with industry standard grading tools such as color wheels, curves vector, grading and of course LUTs!

Layer Based Grading

  • The power and elegance of grading via layers. We incorporate the best features of image editing applications.

Telecine Tools

  • Industry standard 3 Way Color Corrector and RGB Curves. We incorporate the best that the telecine suite has to offer.

LUT Utility

  • Apply industry standard Look Up Tables like OSIRIS and ImpulZ to accurately emulate the look of 35mm film.

Vector Grading

  • Powerful vector based grading to apply quick and accurate secondaries.


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