Category: Source material


115 groups of science fiction impact energy wave magic weapon, fire, flame, light effects, synthetic 4K video material.

115 groups of sci-fi impact energy wave magic weapon shooting flame light special effect synthesis 4K video material including current energy, shock wave, magic, science fiction shooting flame, ray trailing and so on, a total of 115 4K resolution video material, MOV format, does not contain transparent channel, software mixed mode to color filter (...


80 groups of stones, bricks, wood fragments shattered, broken green screens, special effects video material

80 sets of stone bricks, wood fragments, broken and broken green screen special effects video materials include brick, stone, stone + brick, wood, wood + stone and so on, a total of 80 4K resolution video material, MP4 format, does not contain transparent channels, green screen background video material, you need to complete your own pixel.