MAXON Cinema 4D C4D R20.059 Win/Mac Chinese English version / Version / version

 Cinema 4D R20

MAXON Cinema 4D C4D R20.059 Win Chinese English version / Version / version

Cinema 4D R20 release marks a huge leap in technology, the introduction of a new framework for large, for your creative hand provides a great power, it is time to release your creativity and endless possibilities.

Material node

  • From simple to complex shader reference, you can in the construction of special material node based on profiles. You can create complex effects through the node packaged as assets and to provide a simple material form, only need to open the necessary parameters. The material node R20 can change the way you work, regardless of whether you use node directly to create an excellent shader, or just use the shared resources.

MoGraph domain

  • No longer just use simple shapes to control effectors, deformation, weight etc.. The domain will completely change the function of MoGraph, by combining the attenuation to easily create complex effect. You are never in the same way using C4D.

Import CAD data

  • CAD format conversion - the most popular farewell troubles can be imported through simple drag and drop operation. By virtue of the STEP, Solidworks, JT, Catia and IGES files into a powerful and flexible function, you can get high quality model required.

Volume modeling

  • Better Boolean is just the beginning - through the combination of spline, particle shape, and noise waves to create model. Thanks to the voxel and the power of OpenVDB. Import and export volume of VDB, even used to control the MoGraph effect.

Enhanced ProRender

  • The next generation of native GPU rendering here - it contains the production function can help you finish the work. In the strong PC or your most advanced iMac rendering surface scattering, motion blur and multi channel.

core technology

  • R20 will continue to promote the development of modern core technology, major changes in the implementation of API, and further developed in the frame of a new model.

Multiple instance

  • Only need to switch Cloner to multiple instances, you can manage millions of objects in the Cinema 4D view.

Motion tracking

  • The powerful function of motion tracking is adjusted by important workflow enhancements.

Installation steps:

Win (R20.057 version, not online update):

If the R20 is already installed, only need to install the update it starts directly from step 3

  1. Click on the 1.R20_Install_Web_Win inside the MAXON-Start.exe, start the installation, enter the serial number in the installation process (choose one):
    Select the installation type Cinema 4D
  2. After the installation is completed copy of 2.R20.026 Fix inside the c4dp_20.0.26.xdl64 to the C4D installation directory under the C:\Program Files\MAXON\Cinema 4D R20\corelibs\.
    • Open the C4D tip due to find libmmd.dll, unable to run, copy the 4 DLL files inside the R20_Install_Web_Win\bin installation directory C:\Program Files\MAXON\Cinema 4D to R20.
  3. Run C4D, 3.R20.059 inside the Update c4d20059upd.c4dupdate onto the C4D interface to complete the update
  4. Copy the 4.R20.059 Fix inside the c4dp_20.0.59.xdl64 to the C4D installation directory under the C:\Program Files\MAXON\Cinema 4D R20\corelibs\.

Mac (R20.0 version, not online update):

  • Click MAXON-Start to start the installation, enter the serial number in the installation process: 14000000000-0000-0000-0000-0000-0000-0000 Cinema 4D, select the installation type
  • A copy of the Mac: c4dplugin.xlib / /MAXON/Cinema application to 4D R20/corelibs

Win version download (Code: ham5) Mac version download       The default package download

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