Cinema 4D C4D R20.028 offline update package

 Cinema 4D R20

Cinema 4D C4D R20.028 offline update package

The installed base of C4D R20, by installing the update package to update software

Update package installation steps:

  • Open the C4D, after extracting drag c4d20028upd.c4dupdate to the window to start installing the update

C4D R20 download address:

R20.028 official download upgrade package:

R20.028 update Baidu SkyDrive download address:

A number of Taobao stores caries: Http://

A number of dental caries Sina blog: Http://

A number of sina micro-blog GFXCamp dental caries: Http://

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  1. Malovelee Say:

    Thanks to the blogger in its official website to download ~ ~ last night that a slow ~~IDM replaced the thunder's highest 100k......

  2. Mayiuptree Say:

    Mac upgrade to restart the software prompts wrong serial number, and then covered again with the 026 patch, the software cannot be opened directly collapse. Should the need for 028 patch

  3. Cjgong Say:

    How to solve the problem of plug-in ah

  4. B35 Wang Say:

    One God, MAC version of the patch is?

  5. The lice in the side Say:

    Excuse me, how to install the default R20 script where ah? How does the Library folder under scripts this folder is not ah?