2000+C4D Vray renderer default package material


2000+C4D Vray renderer default package material

A total of 3 sets of material presets package +2 C4D models The details are as follows:

  1. The 1989 group, including building material presets, concrete, glass, leather, cloth, ground, steel, plastic, stone, texture, walls, wood and other commonly used materials (lib4d, 7.12G)
  2. 35 group of marble material presets (lib4d, 146MB)
  3. 58 group of wall concrete material (lib4d, 405MB)
  4. The default garden chair model (lib4d, 1.49G)
  5. 193 outdoor furniture C4D model (C4D, 1.65G)

Material requirements:

  • The version: C4D R16 or higher version, support Chinese / English version C4D version
  • Inserted piece: Vray render 1.9 or higher
  • Lattice type:.Lib4d
  • Large small: 10.8G
  • Teach Cheng: write the installation steps

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