2014 AudioJungle background music collection package AudioJungle Bundle July Pack 03 (2014.7)


2014 AudioJungle 7 music collection in Bundle Pack 03 (2014.7 AudioJungle)

AudioJungle common background music fifth waves, suitable for all kinds of videos, video, MP3, WAV in two formats, the size of 1.09G.

The following list:

  • Warm Summer
  • Sha La La
  • Feel Good
  • In the Moment of Inspiration
  • Playground Fun
  • Bright Trance Night
  • One in a million
  • Super Mega Pirate Action
  • Absolutely Uplifting
  • Cinematic Trailer Pack
  • Stepping to the Top
  • Happy Piano and Strings
  • The happiest day ever
  • Memorial Tribute
  • Drum run
  • Classical piano
  • Spectrum
  • Rising to perfection
  • Only success
  • The best day
  • Fashion Show
  • Brought upright
  • Moonlight dream
  • An endless horizon
  • Something big is coming
  • Street traffic

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