2014 AudioJungle AudioJungle Bundle background music wave 4 2014 Vol. 4


2014 AudioJungle fourth Bundle 2014 AudioJungle wave background music Vol. 4

AudioJungle common background music wave 4, suitable for all kinds of videos, video, MP3, WAV format, size of 405.72MB.


  • A Lover 's Story
  • A Romantic Love Harp
  • A Sad Orchestral String Story
  • Acoustic Loop - 2
  • Acoustic Loop - 31
  • All for a happy ending
  • Angelic Romance
  • Be My Romeo Valentines Theme
  • Cheery Piano
  • Classical Heart-warming Music Theme
  • Funny Swing
  • Heartbroken Love
  • Here Is Love Acoustic Guitar
  • Light Footsteps
  • Tender Love Theme
  • Trailer Acts - Volume One

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