2014 AudioJungle AudioJungle Bundle background music wave 3 2014 Vol.3


2014 AudioJungle background music article three wave AudioJungle Bundle 2014 Vol.3

A total of 16 songs, MP3 format, WAV, after extracting the total size of 555.42 Mb

Here are some popular music tracks, which are often used for musical accompaniment projects After Effects.


- Add Loudness
- Be My Valentine
Bright Shining - Love (Vocal Mix)
- Colors Of Emotions
- Comedy Action Country
- Dream of Lynea
Driving In My Car -
- Elena
- Felix Mendelssohn Wedding March Techno Dance
- Friends of Grunge
- Funny Walk Logo
- Halloween Spooks
- Neon Light Flicker
- Sunday Morning
- Transcendence
- Translation

Official website: http://audiojungle.net/

Portal: (a lot of AudioJungle background music on the website below recommended only a part, you can own the search station)

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