2015 AudioJungle column packing background music 3 38 first month update



2015 AudioJungle column packing background music 3 month update 38

AudioJungle common background music in 2015 March update, applicable to all kinds of videos, video clips, size 187MB

Update list of music (38 pieces):

  • A Bright And Hopeful Future
  • A Fortunate Day (Extended Version)
  • A way to top
  • Alien epic action intro 2
  • Another Side Of Heaven (Instrumental Version)
  • Hand in Hand
  • Be Still
  • Beautiful Day
  • Belief
  • Blockbuster Trailer 5
  • Blockbuster Trailer 9
  • Colors of the Rainbow
  • Corporate Summer
  • CraigHall Determination
  • Epic Cinematic Trailer
  • Forgotten Paradise
  • Fresh
  • Inspire Me
  • Building Success
  • Smash it up
  • Optimistic
  • Life is Wonderful
  • Taking the reins
  • Successful Business

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