2015 AudioJungle column packing background music 2 month update 17



2015 AudioJungle column packing background music was updated in February 17

AudioJungle common background music 2015 year 2 month update, suitable for all kinds of videos, video, MP3, WAV formats, without repetition, size 615MB, update 3 month next month at the beginning of the month

Updated list of music:

  • Business Freedom
  • Corporate Identity Intro Set 3
  • Don 't Go
  • Dubstep Kill Jingle
  • Energetic And Heavy Guitar Opener
  • Girl In Summer Cafe
  • Got Joy
  • Happy Corporate Ukulele & Whistle
  • Inspire (4113966)
  • Inspire A New World
  • Lovely Pop Music
  • Native American Flute
  • Seize the Day
  • Smart and Beautiful Machine
  • Solaris
  • Take it Easy
  • Uplifting Trance

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