AI Astute Graphics Plugins Bundle complete creative plug-in CC2015/CC2017 Mac


Astute Graphics AI planar vector creative plug-in Win/Mac cracked version of the CS5/CS6/CC2015/CC2017/CC2018 (add Win version) + tutorial

, Update: 2017.22.21 , Contains the following plug-ins:


  • Flat taiwan: Win/Mac
  • Win support: CS5/CS6/CC2015/CC2015.3/CC2017/CC2018
  • Mac support: CC2015/CC2015.3/CC2017
  • Method of use: the text contains installation steps and sequence number, the installation is very simple
  • Method of use: contains all the tutorials provided by the official 6G, contains detailed use each plug-in, plug-ins and tutorials are separate, easy to download


Autosaviour Pro 2.0.5 automatically save a project

ColliderScribe 2.1.4 graphics alignment

DynamicSketch 1.6.9 hand-painted dynamic plugin

InkQuest 1.2.0 print settings plugin

InkScribe 1.6.9 path control

MirrorMe 1.2.1 mirror symmetry

Phantasm 3.2.0 color control

Rasterino 1.1.9 graphics clipping editor

Stipplism 1.0.3 dot graphics filling

Stylism 1.1.7 graphics real-time preview control

SubScribe 1.2.9 path drawing plug-in

VectorScribe 2.3.9 path optimization control

Texturino 1.2.1 brush texture texture plugin

WidthScribe 2.0.7 hand stroke control

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