Assimilate Scratch v9.0.993 color video movie software Win version


The software Assimilate Scratch v9.0.993Win64 color video movie version

The movie video post-processing tool is used for 2K movies, HD, SD real-time color digital intermediate solutions, the program is a famous post production company Digital Domain, Postwork, Cinesite, and Cinework and other customers to use film printing factory, the famous Hollywood production company before making "Titanic" "" perfect world "fog of war" and other Oscar films, Scratch published by one, immediately attracted by these famous production company.

SCRATCH - the world "s fastest most interactive creative platform., Enabling artists and the technology of artistry for realtime dailies, color, compositing, and finishing workflows since 2004. Any format, any resolution. HD, 3D, VR, 2K, 4K, 8K and beyond. Windows or Mac. Desktop or notebook. A palette for the artist. A flexible platform for the technologist.

Installation steps:

  • Register password: tpcrew-group
  • AssimSetup64.msi installation of software, firewall software Networking
  • Copy ass-scratch-patch-tpc.exe to the installation directory, run


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