AE template group -221 flat graphics transitions of 4K animation


AE template group -221 flat graphics transitions of 4K animation

Placed directly in the middle of the two video, the color transitions can be modified

  • The version: AE CS6 or higher version, support Chinese / English version AE version
  • Resolution: 4K HD 3840 x 2160
  • Insert pieces: do not need third party plug-ins
  • Large small: 67MB
  • Teach: video tutorial
  • The sound music: contains background music

The relevant recommendation (contains elements that are different):

  1. AE template + script: the 490 groups of practical picture video camera rotation and translation perspective distortion field presupposition
  2. AE template -300 group of hand drawn cartoon cool fluid transitions text title MG animation elements + video material
  3. A flat AE template -1050 MG dynamic graphic elements + transitions

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