2015 AudioJungle column packing background music 7 month update 23 (first update 8 September 3)


2015 AudioJungle column packing background music was updated in July 23 (updated August 3rd)

Suitable for all kinds of videos, video, MP3, WAV in two formats, without repetition, the size of 346MB

Update method: every month at the beginning of the month update last month, update directly into the download address

Updated list of music:

  • A New Dawn Breaks
  • Back Home
  • Chance
  • Corporate Day
  • Dusty Garage Rock
  • Electronic
  • Marketing & Advertising Music 101
  • Movie Trailer Credits Intro
  • Omega
  • Superhero
  • You 've Got My Heart
  • All I Ever Want Is You
  • Be My Valentine
  • Cinematic Movie Trailer
  • Freedom Is Here
  • Heroes Of The West
  • I Am Victorious
  • Lights (Club Mix)
  • New Year 's Song
  • Simple Little Things Of Life
  • Successful Business Venture
  • Suspense In The Shadows
  • That 's Life For Me (C EST La Vie)

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