2015 AudioJungle column packing background music was updated in October 30 (updated October 27th)


2015 AudioJungle column packing background music 10 month update 30 (first update 10 September 27)

Suitable for all kinds of videos, video, MP3, WAV in two formats, without repetition

Update method: every month at the beginning of the month update last month, update directly into the download address

Updated list of music:

  • Alone
  • Cradle of the Ocean
  • Drop Back
  • EmotionaI Piano
  • Epic Action lntro
  • Expe C Tan and C
  • Fun
  • Futuristic Dubstep
  • Goodbye
  • Horror
  • I Am Not Afraid
  • Inspiring ldeas into Motion
  • Intense Cinematic Trailer 518070
  • It 's Good to Be AIive
  • Ode to Victory
  • Panorama
  • Queen of The Mountain
  • Rising Trailer
  • SentimentaI Piano
  • Soaring Spirit
  • Sunny Morning in the Valley
  • Super Duper Cha Cha Cha
  • Synth Pop lnspiration
  • The Kings Summit
  • Warm Summer Kit
  • Way Above the Skyline
  • We Won t Stop Dreaming
  • We 'II Have a Wedding - Love Song
  • Why do we allow it
  • Zippy

The portal: AudioJungle music collection promotional packaging (update)


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