AE -300 cartoon template group Flash style 2D MG animation Toolkit


AE template -300 group cartoon animation elements Flash style 2D MG kit second season

A total of 300 sets of Flash MG cartoon style 2D animation elements, including video rendering + good AE source project

AE source project:

  • Easy to modify the use of AE CS6 or more, you can modify the color etc.

Video footage:

  • Have a good render, MOV format with After lit channel, Effects, Premier, Sony, Vegas, Final, Cut, Edius, and other software can be used directly into the true to life

The template:

  • The version: AE CS6 and above, suitable for Chinese / English version AE version
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 HD
  • : inserted without plug
  • Large small: 1.53GB
  • Teach: PDF tutorial
  • The sound music: contains no preview background music

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